10/18/2012 09:52:00 AM

Bacon Takedown Recap: Whose Swine Reigned Supreme?

To the victor goes the bacon! 
With all the talk of bacon lately, it may be time to admit that we've been approaching bacon as its food group in and of itself. This idea was especially solidified when we were asked to participate as a guest judge at the Brooklyn Bacon Takedown this past weekend.

The best thing about bacon, besides it being, well amazingly delicious, is that you can somehow sneak it into any dish, sweet or savory. Never had bacon in a baklava or bacon jam? No worries, 19 home cooks were on-hand for all your porky goodness needs as they competed for the ultimate prize: a championship trophy, one-year’s supply of Hormel Black Label bacon, and a variety of cookware on which to work out the kinks of new recipes for next year. Bacon hush puppies? Yep, we'll try some of that. You're calling that a "Bac-ahh-mi"? We'll take two.

Judging 19 varieties of bacon dishes from New York City home cooks is a tough job, but one we were happy to take. Judge's pick went to Basil Lee and Kevin Stafford for their Tato Skin Your Face recipe, a cheddar and potato croquette with chili, rosemary bacon confit and chive sour cream, which caused expletives to come from the other judge's mouth upon trying it (Not ours, this bacon judger here is a classy one).

Popular opinion leaned more to the sweet side, with people's choice top pick going to Adrian Ashby and Jon Moneymaker for their Nutella Bacon Brownie with marshmallow fluff and cornflake crust, pictured above. Upon hearing the news, Ashby was brought to his knees in tears, telling the audience how grateful he was and that taking first place told him he was "doing something good."

While we were full of 19 different bacon dishes, we've never wanted to give someone a hug more in our lives. And then steal leftover brownies in a bacon-shaped tin to hide under a bacon-themed t-shirt on the way out.


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