10/23/2012 05:52:00 PM

Ana Mandara To Close This Friday Night

After 12 years, endless Cheech and Don Johnson jokes and a whole lot of fish sauce used, Ana Mandarathe gorgeous high-end Vietnamese mainstay on Fisherman's Wharf is set to close this Friday evening after service. As the Inside Scoop reported, chef/owner Khai Duong “couldn't stay on top of the numbers games. Reductions in revenue, continued increases in expenses, and unfavorable lease negotiations all contributed to the decision to close.”

Ironically, in terms of numbers, Ana Mandara’s scores actually jumped up this year according to the just-released 2013 Zagat San Francisco Bay Area Restaurant Guide. Ana Mandara’s Food score jumped from 21 to 23 and its Service score also rose slightly from 21 to 22. The restaurant's ornate Indochine D├ęcor score remained steady at 25. According to a manager that we spoke with today, reservations are still available for the remaining nights of dinner service this week, but do note lunch has been discontinued as the management is spending its time helping the staff through the transition, assisting them with new job opportunities and what not. At this point, there are no plans for a special farewell dinner; the regular menu will be served.

Ana Mandara: 891 Beach St.; 415-771-6800 


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