10/24/2012 03:00:00 PM

Alection Brews Update: Romney Fans Sipping Away At Obama's Lead

Who's ahead now?
As we careen towards Election Day, pollsters are telling us that this presidential election will come down to the women's vote. But for our predictions, we turn to the guys in the house (and in the pub) stumping for their candidates in the ongoing Alection run by Half Moon Bay Brewing Company. Remember, this is the brew face-off that pits the same house ale, one labeled red for Romney Ale against the blue-labeled Obama Ale. Before the debates, the Obama brew had been crushing the Romney ale at a rate of 11-to-one.

As of yesterday, wholesale retails sales of Obama beer are still favoring the POTUS, with 21% Romney to 79% Obama (with 40 cases sold of the red-label, 150 cases of the blue). However, on-premise sales of the beer has been trending up slightly in favor of Romney. From June through September, the spread was 75% Obama to 25% Romney. In September, it slipped to 65% Obama vs. 35% Romney. And during the month of October to date, the ratio of drinkers specifying a preference for Obama has been 60% vs. 40% Romney. The final Alection results will be announced on Election Night on the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company’s website.

The pundits keep insisting the race is too close to call; maybe we should see what they’re drinking in Florida. 


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