10/03/2012 04:23:00 PM

A Day In The Life Of Richie Farina: Watch It Then Live It

We promise this is not another cat YouTube video. It does, however, answer the question on everyone’s mind: is chef Richie Farina a boxer or a briefs man? Boxers!

Find out more intimate details about the daily happenings of Moto’s chef de cuisine in the video “A Day in the Life of moto Chef Richie Farina.” The video was released by Homaro Cantu to crowd-source ideas for the theme of a menu at iNG. The current Scorsese menu runs until mid-November, then he wants to hear from diners regarding what will run until the end of the year. Suggestions for the menu concept can be made via Facebook or Twitter. The winner will get the real-life, day-in-the-life experience with Farina by working in the kitchen at Moto as well as dinner for two. The runner up wins dinner for two at iNG.


  1. my favorite chicago chef. this guy is taking moto to a new level. great stuff chef

  2. The level of performance and presentation that comes out of the moto kitchen is always so amazing to watch. This video shows the level of dedication from everyone who's part of the moto team. It also truly highlights Chef Farina, and his ability to carry his kitchen to the next level. Very well done moto team, very excited to see what you continue to produce!

  3. Where's their third Michelin Star already!!!!???