10/31/2012 10:18:00 AM

8 Signs You're Officially a Food Nerd

To the everyday eater, the term food nerd might seem like an insult. Nope. True, this brand of avid diner may take their love of obscure ingredients a little too far (mmm - salsify) and overload on pictures at the dinner table (fact, you just can't make headcheese look good), but food nerdiness is a badge of honor. These gastronomic geeks may be extreme, but their exacting standards raise quality across the boards.

So, what makes one a food nerd? We polled our readers and asked our foodie friends and came up with eight things that indicate that you're an Urkel when it comes to all things edible. Let us know which signs of geekery you're guilty of - and which annoy you - in the comments or by updating social media with the hashtag #FoodNerd.


  1. You forgot: grew up watching Julia Child and the Galloping Gourmet and now obsessively watch the Food Network, Top Chef, Masterchef, Chopped, and other food competitions, not to mention Sunday afternoons on PBS.

  2. I'm guilty of most the above, with the exception of photos. I EAT food, but don't necessarily photo every dish I'm served! But having a closet full of "essential equipment" (to me) AND using
    most on an almost weekly basis should qualify me as a true food nerd. Proud to be so!

  3. Love it! A few others for your consideration (that I'm also guilty of):

    Sign #9. When buying my house, the size of the pantry is a big factor. Make sure it was a good sized walk-in pantry. Kitchen size and space is also hugely important.
    Sign #10. When going through the spices section in any establishment, you generally leave with at least one new spice. Normally you walk out with at least 3 new things.
    Sign #11. You start to grow your own herbs and spices, including peppers. You grow special ingredients just to make sure you always have access to them!
    Sign #12. When experimenting with new types of cuisines, you go all in... buy the cookware, spices, books, special ingredients, talk to people who have experience, read, read, read, and then cook!
    Sign #13: You own "What to Drink with What You Eat", a 368 page book showing how to pair beers, wines, spirits, teas, coffees, and more with food. It even breaks down how the food is prepared. Bonus points if you have a close friend who is a Certified Wine Professional (CWP or ACWP).

  4. Guitly as charged. 400 + cookbooks. Childhood Saturday mornings spent in front of TV watching Justin Wilson on PBS. Once had 14 different mustards in my fridge. 1/4 lobe of contraband fois in my freezer. My email? MsSteak. Nuff said.