10/17/2012 12:53:00 PM

7 Underrated New York City Cocktail Bars

Orient Express 
So maybe PDT is booked tonight, or the wait is just way too long at Death and Co. Well, maybe it's time you look beyond the usual suspects for a beverage. There are about a bazillion bars in the Big Apple, and plenty of them are worth a visit when you're looking for a quality cocktail. We rounded up seven underrated spots that won't let you down when its time for a tipple. Their bartenders may not be publishing books, and drink geeks don't fill the stools, but you'll walk out of these places feeling just fine (and not solely because of the booze).

Let us know about your favorite underrated cocktail bars in the comments.


  1. You are so spot on. I love half of these bars, and the other ones, I don't know! Mother's Ruin is too much fun, I always end up a few sheets to the wind when I leave. Gunthrie Inn is great too, if you don't mind being in BFE. Also, props to your BK shouts-Post Office and Bearded Lady rock.

  2. Mid-Town East has a great unknown secret: session house on Second Ave and 53rd. Great food, great drinks and a private room upstairs for private gigs.

  3. I like Cherry Herring. It's wonderful with other fish.