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2013 New York City Restaurants Survey Results Are Live!

This year, 44,306 New York diners voted in our restaurants survey, and today the results are live! The 2013 New York City Restaurants guide contains ratings and reviews for a record 2,120 Big Apple eateries. That's a lot of meals out on the town - an average of 6.4 a week, to be precise. Though New Yorkers love to eat out, this year they also enjoyed preparing food at home. For the first time ever, the number of meals our surveyors report cooking at home each week (6.7) outpaced the number purchased at a restaurant. Maybe it's the slow-moving economic recovery keeping people inside, or maybe it's the service - 58% of you say that's the top drawback in the city's restaurants. Check, please!

So, who came out on top? This year there were a number of repeat winners in the main categories. Eric Ripert's Le Bernardin was on top of the Food list for the fourth year, edging out Per Se and Bouley, which ranked second and third, respectively. Ripert's fine-dining eatery also won the Most Popular award, while Asiate topped the Decor category and Per Se was the repeat victor for Service. Danny Meyer's North End Grill was voted the Top Newcomer after livening up Battery Park's culinary scene earlier this year.

Even though city dwellers may be cooking at home more, the 50 million tourists who visited NYC in the past year have helped keep the industry busy. Another good sign for restaurant operators is that more joints are opening than closing, with 119 notable restaurants launching since the last survey and only 60 shuttering.

You can scope out the new ratings and reviews for free across Google Maps, Search, Google+ and mobile. Our iconic guidebook was also redesigned for this year's launch. Pick up a copy here, check out the city's 10 Best Restaurants here and stay tuned for more coverage throughout the week!

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