10/15/2012 03:35:00 PM

10 Chicago Bartenders You Need to Know

Jenny Kessler from Masa Azul
When we were young, we were entertained by an exuberant magician pulling fuzzy creatures out of a hat. It requires a bit more effort now that we are older. These days, magicians for grown-ups pour mysterious liquors into metal cups to produce something that amazes. We'll take a well-made cocktail over a rabbit any day.

We talked to 10 up-and-coming drink slingers about how their cocktail programs stand apart in an ever-evolving, spirit-driven scene. From small-batch tequila to dusty bottles of Fernet, these bartenders are pouring more than gin and tonics. Thirsty? Click through the slide show below to see the bartenders that you should know about right now, and follow along with our mixology coverage with the hashtag #drinksweek.


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