10/30/2012 11:42:00 AM

10 Bars Where You Can Hibernate Until Spring

It's funny, or maybe it's sad, that Chicago seamlessly transitions from the summer drinking months (beer on patios) to the winter drinking season (whiskey in warm corners). No longer is it plausible to hop from bar to bar in search of the perfect stool amid the crowd. So we settle for stronger drinks in darker bars, where we can't see what the person sitting next to us looks like. As long as the cocktails keep flowing and the cold stays outside, we'll take it. And by the time we emerge from the boozy haze, it will be summer again.


  1. Great choices Sarah! And you've featured 3 venues that are in the bar enthusiast's travel & discount guide to Chicago: Old Oak Tap offering $10 off your bill, The Grafton offering $10 off your bill and Webseter's Wine Bar offering 15% off your bill. Check out Drink Deck's Destination Guides at http://thedrinkdeck.com

  2. Untitled should be on this list! Such a cozy place http://untitledchicago.com/

  3. Agreed! Untitled should be #1. Great list, though.