10/17/2012 04:51:00 PM

1 Tippling Place: Rittenhouse’s New Craft Cocktail Living Room

Anne Frey has lived in Rittenhouse for a long time - long enough to know that her dream bar did not exist. The former real estate agent dreamed of a bar that was comfortable but elegant, that served finely crafted cocktails without pretentious showmanship and offered easy-eating nibbles that didn’t break the bank. On a brainstorm, she decided to create the place herself. The result is 1 Tippling Place, nestled in a narrow storefront on Chestnut Street just north of 20th, and - thanks to the help of friends, family and the skill of bar manager David Tang (who she nabbed from Stephen Starr’s Ranstead Room across the street) - the spot is everything she imagined. Check out what to eat and drink when you stop in for an nightcap.


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