9/25/2012 12:40:00 PM

What Are Your Fondest Memories of Campanile?

Ever since the news broke last week about Campanile's closure - so Walter and Margarita Manzke and Bill Chait can open Republique next year - there's been an outpouring of support from friends and fans of Mark Peel's longstanding La Brea restaurant. KPCC ran a story all day long featuring some of the brunch-time regulars who lamented the impending closure, and Campanile's Facebook page is filling up with memories, well-wishes and maybe a few teary goodbyes from former staffers, recent diners and more.

An institution in its own right, Campanile and La Brea Bakery have done much for the Los Angeles food scene, especially in the early days. When it opened in 1989, "California cuisine" was spreading across the country like wildfire, and this was one of the first to infuse rustic Mediterranean flavors in every dish, inspired by local seasonal produce, things we can't fathom being without today. Nancy Silverton's breads started a carb revolution in town. The wine list was legendary. Many chefs sharpened their knives in that kitchen before eventually opening their own restaurants (Suzanne Tracht, Suzanne Goin, Ben Ford and Govind Armstrong to name a few). Even after the two chefs split, Silverton's grilled cheese nights carried on and are still wildly popular today. Brunch has always been a favorite. Maybe business hasn't been as brisk, or it's become a bit stale, but everyone who's anyone will surely go in for one last bite before the November closure.

We'd love to know your fondest memories of Campanile. Let us - and them - know in comments.


  1. I took my family to Campanile for Mother's Day year ago. I had just started working right out of college and it was the first time I bought my whole family a meal with my own pay check.

    I love the restaurant. The food is always fresh and well executed, the service professional and the experience memorable. I will truly miss Campanile.

  2. My fondest memories are working with Mark three days a week just about every week for 2 years on New Classic Family Dinners.
    Martha Rose Shulman

  3. My favorite memories are the incredible Guest Chef dinners that Campanile hosted. They introduced some wonderful chefs to be discovered at just the right time.