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Top Chef Masters Season 4, Episode 7: Iron Chef Edition

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Top Chef Masters is heating up. Thierry and Art Smith are gone with their fedora and flash and it's time for the chefs to face off - boxing-style.

The quickfire is a two-part prep and cook challenge. They each have to separate 18 eggs, break two pounds of parmesan down to the rind and portion five 7.5-8.5 ounce filets from a single beef loin without a scale. The first two to finish move on to cook the meat and the other three will help Curtis decide who's dish is best, which is totally awkward and they all start cackling like Dr. Evil.

Cosentino chops really fast and calls time first but one of his fillets is too light, so he's disqualified. Patricia mocks his speed without precision but finishes next and does worse; three of her five are underweight. Chef Ninja Takashi is obviously the first one to get it right. Lorena and Kerry keep going to see who competes against him. Kerry gets it first so it's him vs. Takashi - and Kerry wins with his Parmesan crusted beef over Takashi's beef tenderloin with sunnyside up eggs.  Kerry, again! Who even knew he was on this show until now? He's been hustling us! He did casually drop in an earlier episode that he's Tom Colicchio's best friend, so maybe he got some strategy coaching.  

Sugar Ray Leonard shows up for the elimination challenge and turns it into Iron Chef: Battle of the Masters - in a boxing ring. Kerry's got immunity from the quickfire, so he's sits this one out and the remaining four will duke it out in three rounds head to head in the ring. They each have 20 minutes to create a great dish out of a surprise ingredient.

Curtis may have found his calling as a ring announcer, he really owns it. He introduces the judges and this week we've got James Oseland, Krista Simmons, Jane Goldman from CHOW.com and Sugar Ray Leonard. "Let's get readyyyy to sautee!"

Round 1: Bacon
Takashi "Ninja of the Kitchen" Yagihashi vs. Chris "King of something I couldn’t understand with multiple playbacks" Cosentino.
When they find out it's bacon, Cosentino is psyched because pork is his jam but Takshi knows he's at a disadvantage. Curtis comments on their style from outside the ring. Takashi starts slicing and makes it up as he goes along but Cosentino thinks it through first. The two of them put on a good show and help each other out as everyone cheers. Cosentino needs an extra egg, Takashi gives it to him. At the very last minute, Takashi's missing a full piece of bacon and Cosentino says take it. Even with the bacon, Chris's Cal Mex Bacon & Eggs beats Takashi's Bacon Steak with carmelized figs, mushrooms and fennel salad.

Next up, Patricia "Pan-Asian Sensation" Yeo vs. Lorena "Queen of Passion" Garcia
They got into that fight last week and when they hear they're going up against each other, it's such a cat fight they literally "reer" at each other. They each separately tell the camera though they're here for the charity, they really want this win. It's on.  

Lorena gets so close to the food the judges say it looks like she's making love to the plate while Patricia is completely cool and methodical. Patricia finishes way early with her BLT (bacon, leeks, tomato), but Lorena takes the round with Potato Bacon Soup with Corn and Bacon Sofrito. Sugar Ray liked Lorena's so much he just wanted to put his face in it. Go Lorena! Takashi and Cosentino look shocked.

Round 2: Sugar 
Cosentino vs. Lorena for the win.
 Lorena's more of a dessert person so this is really her challenge. Cosentino decides to go for a classic Italian dessert, zabaione and summer fruit. Lorena takes a chance and makes flourless chocolate cake but also makes carmelized pineapple and walnuts with a dulce de leche sauce in case the cakes don't cook in time. Miraculously the cakes actually cooked and Lorena wins the challenge! The seeming underdogs, Kerry and Lorena, are coming out on top.

Round 3: Chicken Liver
Takashi vs. Patricia for elimination.  
This is intense. Patricia's trying to joke around but we're all scared. Takashi makes chicken liver with prosciutto and pickled red cabbage and Patricia makes warm asparagus salad with seared chicken liver and prosciutto. Takashi's liver is a little more cooked than Patricias. The judges like both and decide it's a matter of opinion on how you like your liver.

And the winner is….Patricia. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. We really thought Takashi might win the whole thing. 

And so the cat fight continues…


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