9/04/2012 12:04:00 PM

The World's Biggest Cheeseburger Weighs 2,014 Pounds

I can haz world's biggest cheeseburger 
And you think you cooked up some big burgers at your Labor Day picnic. Well, when you look at the patty prepared by the Black Bear Casino in Carlton, Minnesota, you'll realize why your behemoth burger didn't stand a chance. The massive dish weighs in at over a ton and set the new world record. It had to be cooked on a special oven for four hours and was flipped using a crane. While it may not look that appetizing, apparently reviews were positive from the crowd, who were able to snack on the meaty offering for free. No wonder people liked it - the meat was topped with 60 pounds of bacon, so you can't really go wrong with that. [via Duluth News Tribune]


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