9/26/2012 08:29:00 AM

The Scotch Egg Challenge 2012: And The Winner Is...

Earlier this month we told you about The Scotch Egg Challenge 2012.

A long wait and much stomach growling later, the event finally took place last night at The Ship in Wandsworth. Eggs were cooked, eaten (they made enough for everyone who attended), judged and a sad few even cracked under the pressure.

The winners?

The David Constable Best Scottish Egg Award went to Peyton & Byrne for their braised pigs cheek and shoulder with oatcake and crackling crumb.

The Drapers Arms - who made a black pudding version with pork and panko crumbs - won third prize.

The Hinds Head was the runners up for their truffled quail egg with a mix of Iberico pork sausage meat and lardo.

And first prize for the best scotch egg went to Bladebone Inn in Berkshire for an unusual looking truffled 'ham, egg and chips' made with duck egg, truffled layer and a potato and parma ham breadcrumb.

Sounds more sophisticated than your version of a scotch egg? Better start practicing for next year.


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