9/07/2012 01:27:00 PM

The Rumormill: Ludo + the Animal Dudes = Trois Mec?

Lots happening for Lefebvre
A couple months ago, we caught an Instagram from Vinny Dotolo (Animal, Son of a Gun) of his and Jon Shook's "next project." The photo had little detail, just some construction, and he supplied even less. Today, Eater suggests that the two have partnered with with Ludovic Lefebvre to open a new spot in an old Ruffalo's pizza joint on Melrose. Breadcrumbs sort of kind of lead there, so it's a fun rumor: an ABC notice for beer and wine states Trois Mec, LLP as the applicant, and a trademark for Trois Mec has been registered by Ludo Management, Inc, and Trois Mec means "three guys/dudes/friends."

We suppose that last one is the most intangible link, but it did remind us of a restaurant called Mec that never came to fruition across from what's now Animal. Anyway, if the three are collaborating, that's huge news. Lefebvre has been looking for his own spot since before Ludobites - in fact, not finding the right space is why he started the roving pop-up. And as he stated at his cooking demo at The Taste last weekend (which was confirmed from his camp this morning), he is indeed working on a brick-and-mortar space. Whether it's a partnership with the Animal guys is still unknown. But he's doing a dinner in NYC next month on the heels of his Ludobites cookbook coming out, so whatever is happening won't be happening too soon. Think: book tour.

But seriously, can the dining scene handle these three juggernauts all in one space? Ludo + Shook + Dotolo undoubtedly equals never getting a reservation. Ever. Very exciting indeed. Keep your eyes here for more news.


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