9/05/2012 01:24:00 PM

The Hottest New Bars and Lounges in 8 Cities

If you're depressed that Labor Day has come and gone, well, may we suggest a cocktail to make you feel better? This week we gathered up lists of the most exciting bars and lounges in eight cities - there's a champagne salon in Chicago, a boozy laundromat in Philly and a library that dishes out high-end bottle service in NYC. And that's not all - click through the slideshow below to see the buzziest bar openings so far this year, and stay tuned for more liquid offerings to close out 2012.

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  1. OH HUM the same old cities that Zagat always seems to go to. I know that London, DC, and NYC are the centers of the universe, but not every subscriber to Zagat lives within an easy commute to one of the 8 cities that Zagat always reviews.

    I wish just occasionally they would be as Adventurous in finding food locations outside their cities of comfort as well as they do in side their local areas.

    Oh well I can dream.