9/24/2012 09:13:00 AM

The Best Thing We Drank This Weekend: Cocktails at Kolo Klub

It's official - this weekend we found Hoboken's best kept secret. Kolo Klub is a new cocktail bar operating out of the second floor of the Pilsner Haus beer garden. We heard that Michael Neff and the Ward III guys were behind the drinks at the project, which was enough to lure us over. It was a bit hard to discover - finding the staircase to access the bar reminded us of our trek through Sleep No More - but once we found our way up to the spacious ball room we were impressed. Bars in New Jersey are just so much bigger. There is plenty of room to spread out in the massive room, with couches, old-school leather arm chairs and a  spacious bar (which is the place to be if you want to talk cocktail with the bow-tie-clad bartenders).

It's only open on the weekends for now, but that just adds to the feel that it's a hidden gem. While we were drinking there, numerous people remarked that New Jersey hasn't yet been swept up in the current mixology craze. Well, it's about time. And bonus points for the bar staff seeing us whip out the camera phone and grabbing the light up tray they had behind the bar to "make it pretty" (1422 Grand St., Hoboken).


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