9/20/2012 09:53:00 AM

The Best Thing We Drank Last Night: Oyster Shooter at The John Dory

We're fans of pretty much everything at The John Dory (especially the oyster pan roast) and last night we dropped by to try a cocktail or three. Since no visit to April Bloomfield's seafood-centric eatery is complete without some shellfish, we naturally opted for a selection that would satisfy our craving for oysters and booze in one gulp. The shooter pairs a briney oyster with a pour of gin that's been spiked with some pepper and pickle juice. You can eat the oyster and chase it with the drink (and the pour is ample - so you'll want to sip and not shoot this) or you can go truly cray-cray and dump that sucker right into the glass, knocking it back all at once. It's completely decadent, and at $10 pretty pricey, but like everything else here it only takes one sip for you to become a believer.


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