9/05/2012 09:30:00 AM

The Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Chicken Wings at Ducks Eatery

Off the radar alert! Ducks Eatery opened a few weeks ago in the East Village, and this charmer is absolutely worth a visit. The menu is a mish-mash of Asian flavors - it seems like one of those places where the chef just cooked up everything he thought was delicious, no matter which part of the world it comes from. And, good. The selection is small but that means you can try pretty much everything seeing that it's so affordable. The house-made beef jerky and the noodle soup are both winners, but our favorite had to be the insanely meaty chicken wings that were topped with a potent spice rub.

Warning: you will get messy eating these - but no one cares as they sip drinks out of mason jars in the casual haunt. The space is small, but the friendly (and crazily buff/skimpy-tank-top-clad) staff makes the size work for them, turning it into a charming plus rather than a cramped negative. Floor to ceiling windows open onto 12th Street, and there are a few outdoor tables where you can camp out on a warm September night and enjoy the eclectic fare (351 East 12th St.; 212-432-DUCK).


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