9/05/2012 11:15:00 AM

The 7 Most Exciting Food Streets in the U.S.

Wythe Avenue in Brooklyn
One of the great things about city living is the abundance of restaurants - every major cosmopolitan area has neighborhoods teeming with awesome eateries, but when you really break it down, certain streets are better than others when you're looking for a glut of great dining options on the same block. We've scoured seven major U.S. cities and singled out the most exciting strips for restaurant hopping in each one. Check out the avenues and boulevards that are heating up the U.S. food scene in the slide show below, and plan for a walking (and eating) tour the next time you are on vacation.


  1. You could have looked at streets in metro areas with less than 5 million people. Check out East Market Street in Louisville, KY. Decca, Rye, Harvest, Mayan Cafe, Ghyslain, GarageBar, Toast, Taco Punk, La Coop, Please & Thank You. All in a 3 block area. And before you start with the Kentucky jokes, do some research -- as SF is to wine country, Louisville is to bourbon country. Well respected arts and music scene. Big isn't always better!

  2. Are you kidding? You really think that you should ignore New Orleans in an article on "Exciting new food Streets"?