9/27/2012 01:34:00 PM

Taste Test: Domino's New Pan Pizza

On Monday, Domino's rolled out its new pan-style pizza at 5,000 U.S. locations, in an effort to compete with Pizza Hut and other pan-slingers; and wouldn't you know it - it's Fast Food Week here on Zagat Blog - so a taste-test was clearly in good order. Domino's has added this option to its menu, not as a specialty pie, but as a crust option in addition to its thin-crust and hand-tossed styles (and replacing deep-dish.) Check out our full taste analysis below.

The crust: Obviously this is the one and only variable that really matters here, being that the cheese and topping options are no different from the regular pies. There's definitely a buttery taste profile going on with this crust, reminiscent of Pizza Hut, although in texture not quite as dense or "fried-tasting" as the Hut's , while Domino's crust achieves richness without being overly greasy or processed tasting. At this point, we'd say it's probably their best crust option to date, trumping the heavier-tasting deep dish style, hand-tossed and thin crust.

The sauce: The tomato sauce used on the pan pies is no different than the sauce used on all the others, however for some reason, in contrast with the relatively fresh-tasting crust, tasted a bit more processed (and a tad more bitter) than it might normally. Not a total fail, but could definitely used a bit of sweetness to round out the canned tomato paste flavor.

Toppings: Toppings were the same as they normally are, no special options for the pan pie so we got a mix of veggies on one pie and pepperoni and half cheese on another. Domino's could use a little work in the fresh veggie department, but generally speaking, the toppings met expectations.

Overall: The entire tasting panel over here was impressed with the overall taste of the new pan option.  If you're going to order Domino's at all, and you're a fan of pan pizza, you might make this a serious consideration.

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  1. My husband loves Dominos and before it felt more like being force fed sub-par fast food. Last night we tried their new pan pizza and I turned to him and said, "This is the best pizza from them I have ever had. It almost tastes like Pizza Hut." Guess I hit the nail on the head.

  2. Actually the pan pizza replaced the deep dish as that option is no longer available. Just FYI :) and the cheese is a little different as the pan has a layer of provolone

  3. I tried it and was not impressed. The problem is Dominos pizza has no flavor. No matter the crust type or topping their pizza taste the same...blah. Pizza Hut pan is still the best thing going.

  4. Lol for people to call this pizza garbage is absurd. I do realize like everything there are matter of opinions but if you say it garbage your tastebuds are just destroyed and you should be eating canned liquids througn a tube in your belly. Loyalty is what causes rude and unessicary comments like above. People want honest opinions and reviews on maybe why u didnt like it or what was wrong with it? Are there issues with that personal dominos like has food from that one always been bad and not from others. I have had pizza from all over and thisis by no means garbage and is an aazing in my opinion great pizza with there two layers ofdifferent cheeses and the handmade crust unlike pizzahuts premade frozen pan.

  5. Lol dominos marketing get off here. Pizza Hut still has the best pan pizza I've had. That'll never change.

  6. That's why you anonymous posters don't post your real names...

  7. I just tried it (pepperoni and beef) Oh my goodness this pizza is Amazing..sooo delicious. The crust is light, airy, and soft on the inside with a nice buttery crisp on the outside. The toppings did go all the way to the crust as advertised. It has two layers of delicious ooey gooey cheese A++++ :). The toppings and sauce aren't different but it all blended very well in my humble opinion. I would definitely order this pizza again. And compared to Pizza Hut who in my opinion has decreased a great deal Domino's pan pizza has their's beat by a seriously long shot. Domino's has really stepped their game up with this one!!!

    1. That should be decreased a great deal in quality...sorry typing too fast.

  8. We had Dominos at the bottom of the list of the fast food Pizza chains. My wife couldn't stand it and dreaded when I ordered for us and the kids. But they turned things around - We got ours in about 8 minutes from the time it left the store so it was still piping hot. This new pan pizza is 180 degree turn and I'm happy to say they've finally got it right.

  9. The cheese and sauce is completely the same. They put the sauce in a squeeze bottle and simply squeeze it over the cheese, then add another layer of cheese. I work there. The dough contains butter flakes.