9/17/2012 01:17:00 PM

Sweet Basil Bolognese: The Best Dish We Ate Last Week

The Bolognese at Sweet Basil in Needham
For those in-the-know, there’s a sweet, dependable Italian in the ‘burbs called Sweet Basil that’s as perfect for a first date as it is an outing with the gals. It’s romantic, bustling and you can (you have to) BYOB - a real plus for oenophiles fond of controlling their bottles and prices.

The service is friendly and professional, and chef-owner, super-nice-guy-and-looker Dave Becker is either in his whites in the kitchen or on the floor greeting and serving. We love that.

But the food. Swoon over the classic Bolognese - a symphony of beef, sausage, mushrooms, celery, onion and sweet carrots - combined in a hearty red sauce finished with a splash of cream. Though it’s on the menu with fusilli at lunch and pappardelle for dinner, there are times the linguine, shown here, is a pinch-hitter. Any iteration you get - it's all good.

942 Great Plain Ave., Needham; 781-444-9600


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