9/28/2012 02:17:00 PM

Sang Yoon's Fast Food Addiction

Yoon in the kitchen with Chris Cosentino
We all have them. No matter what we know about fast food (pink slime!), everyone has something they still crave, desire, or in some cases, have no other choice to eat on the road. We asked some of our local chefs to divulge their dirty little fast-food secrets, because even those deep-rooted in the local, seasonal, artisanal philosophy will fall prey to the greasy, salty pull at some point. Next up: Sang Yoon, known for non-fast food burgers at Father's Office and fantastic chicken pops at Lukshon.

"For me, fast food is an occasional guilty pleasure, but I wouldn't want to live off it. That said, I'll get hard shell tacos at Del Taco any time. It's tasty and close to work."

What's your fast food addiction? Tell us in comments, and let us know your thoughts on Fast Food Week on social media with hashtag #fastfoodweek.


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