9/12/2012 10:26:00 AM

Ralph’s of South Philly to Open in King of Prussia

Now that Ralph’s Italian Restaurant holds the title of “America’s Oldest Restaurant” - an appellation gained after San Francisco’s Fior d’Italia closed last spring - the family-owned icon is ready to expand. A new Sheraton will open in Valley Forge this fall, and its flagship restaurant will be Ralph’s of South Philly. Fifth-generation Ralph’s owner Ryan Rubino says he had been discussing a second location when the opportunity to partner with the Wurzak Hotel Group popped up.

The new restaurant will serve a wide selection of Italian-American classics, from manicotti to veal saltimbocca to chicken parmigiana, and will have a full bar. King of Prussia is a major tourist destination and home to the second-largest mall in the country, so this looks like a great chance to introduce America to the deliciousness of South Philly food. Maybe people will even start calling it “gravy” instead of “sauce!” (480 N. Gulph Rd.; 484-238-1990)

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  1. Congratulations to Ryan Rubino from Chef Gianni Audieri of Fior d'Italia on your new restaurant!
    We will be reopening Fior d'Italia in a couple of months! Although you still have the distinction of being the oldest Italian restaurant owned by the same family, Fior d'Italia is still the oldest Italian restaurant in America! Good luck to you!