9/07/2012 02:54:00 PM

Opening Alert: MessHall Communes in Los Feliz Tonight

After delays and a few messy hiccups regarding whether it was open this week or not, MessHall softly throws open its doors in Los Feliz at 5 PM tonight. Please recall that partners behind the project include Rob Serritella and Bill Chait (the latter of Short Order and Picca, among others), with chef Keith Silverton (no relation that other Silverton) at the helm. The bar program is no longer headed up by Julian Cox and Josh Goldman, but the man in charge did work with Cox at Rivera, so he's got the goods.

The space was last a Louise's, but also Cecil B. De Mille's Willard's Chicken Inn and The Brown Derby way back when, and some decor elements carried over, including original steel and exposed wood beams. It's supposed to feel like a modernized Army mess hall, so there is a communal vibe with olive green and brushed metal accents, corrugated metal, exposed brick - and a lot of hard surfaces. The food swings upscale comfort food, things like oysters topped with smoked Tabasco, pork chops, wild-caught salmon and seasonal sides. The official opening is Monday, September 10, but you can wander in all weekend.

4500 Los Feliz Blvd.; 323-660-6377


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