9/06/2012 12:48:00 PM

Oliver Peyton to Launch the Foodie Equivalent of an Open-Mic Night

The National Cafe
Restauranteur Oliver Peyton plans to turn Friday nights at his Peyton and Byrne restaurant at The National Cafe into a creative new dining experience with a combination of food, wine, cocktails, conversation, culture and an eclectic mix of people. The lineup so far includes Bloomberg food critic Richard Vines with Tonkotsu chef Emma Reynolds and an evening of art and food with a viewing of Vincent van Gogh's Two Crabs followed by a crab-based feast.  

Ticket for the event which starts on September 28 are £25 and include dinner and a cocktail. Book online or by calling the restaurant.

 The National CafĂ© East Wing, The National Gallery,Trafalgar Sq., WC2N 4DN; 020 7747 5942


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