9/13/2012 12:39:00 PM

Now Open: Chrysan From the Hakkasan Group

Chrysan, the new fine dining restaurant from the Hakkasan group and chef Yoshihiro Murata, is offering an interesting twist on Japanese food. The City arrival is focusing on kaiseki - a traditional haute cuisine style of cooking that relies solely on regional, seasonal produce. To prepare the menu, Murata travelled to the coasts of the British Isles to sample and source local fish before the launch.

Lunch boxes are available for rushed City workers and include everything from duck confit and grilled lobster to sushi and vegetable tempura. But you'll also find unusual variations on familiar dishes such as wasabi potato salad, Cornish crab meat pâté with tosazu jelly, rich big-eye tuna sashimi with yuzu-flavoured soy egg yolk and French radish.

Worried that locally sourced sashimi and sushi won't taste as good? In an interview with website Hot Dinners, Murata said, "I visited Scotland and tried the local salmon, both native and farmed, lobsters, and crab, and I was very impressed by the amazing quality. The salmon was even better than in Japan!"

Chrysan, Broadgate West, 1 Snowden St., EC2A 2DQ; 020 3657 4777 


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