9/05/2012 03:54:00 PM

Lean Lunch: Eat-A-Pita Opens on 12th Street

Want to enjoy a tasty, filling sandwich, but don’t want to regret eating it? That conundrum is solved at Eat-A-Pita, just opened at 128 S. 12th Street (between Walnut and Sansom), especially if you order your pocket stuffed with “all the veggies.” Chef/partners Ralph Kane and Jamie Kelly - who met working in the kitchen of Old City’s Fork - brought the concept down from Bar Harbor, Maine, where they ran a similar sandwich shop for seven summers. The new Center City quick serve builds on the original healthy pita idea with a menu tailored for Philly eaters.

The concept is simple, and amusingly alliterative. First, pick a pita: white or wheat, made daily at Maoz just down the block. Then pick your protein: choices include house rotisserie chicken, Tuscan tuna salad and roast beef or turkey. Next, pick your produce: everything is delivered fresh daily (there was no room to build a walk-in refrigerator), and you can add crunch with items like cucumber, carrot, red cabbage, scallions and chickpeas, or go for “all the veggies.” Last, pick your “pour”: a housemade dressing you are advised to drizzle over each bite as your eat.

The result is a large and easy-eating meal that won’t weigh you down, and is yours for just $8. Hot panini are also offered, as well as a selection of specialty pockets with ingredients like salmon croquettes or fresh-carved lamb schwarma. The space, formerly Maccabeem kosher deli, is outfitted with a walk-up counter and several wood slab tables along a wooden wall bench. Look for Kane and Kelly to be stuffing fresh pitas from 8 AM-8 PM, Sunday-Monday (215-925-7482).


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