9/05/2012 04:44:00 PM

Kickstarter Campaign To Put Porthole In Production Raises $736,113

There was little doubt that Martin Kastner’s Kickstarter campaign for the porthole used to crate cocktails at the Aviary would reach its $28,500 goal. Few predicted that it would reach it in two hours, and even fewer anticipated the campaign would raise a total of $736,113.

Over 4,000 backers contributed to the campaign, most of which will receive an early edition of the porthole once it goes into production. The highest contributors who pledged $5,000 will not only receive a pair of portholes, but also a day in the Aviary with Grant Achatz and Charles Joly where they learn how to make the cocktails. Only five spaces were available in this price bracket, four of which were purchased.

Since the campaign was successful, full production at Crucial Detail design studios can begin. The retail price of each porthole is estimated at $100 and shipping may begin as early as October.


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