9/06/2012 06:12:00 PM

Guest Blog: Six Must-Try Tacos in Philadelphia

Tacos at Tres JalapeƱos; Photo by Michaelangelo Ilagan
This week, we’ve invited bloggers from around the Philadelphia food community to contribute a post on zagat.com.

Allie Harcharek is the food and dining editor for
South Jersey Magazine and previously ran cheap eats blog A Food Coma. You can catch her at geeky hangouts, running about town or buried in a bowl of ramen.

When it comes to cultural cuisine, Philly has it all within just a few blocks. While we’ve seen food trends come and go through the years (goodbye cupcakes, hello ramen), it’s time for tacos to have their day. Our picks for must-try versions run the gamut from cheap but tasty breakfast specials to plates from chefs who make stuffing tortillas into an art form. Read on to find six great “out of the box” tacos all around town.


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