9/28/2012 04:08:00 PM

Gordon Ramsay's The Fat Cow Now Mooing at The Grove

We knew it was coming, and the day has arrived - Gordon Ramsay throws open the doors to his new farm-to-table restaurant, The Fat Cow, at the Grove. The "official" opening is Monday (Oct. 1), but dinner is already being served, with lunch starting on Sunday. Maybe Carmageddon will bring Gordo and exec chef, Matthew Woolf - who was last at West at the Angeleno Hotel and Fig Restaurant before that - good luck.

The restaurant is touted as your "friendly neighborhood gathering place," conceptualized by Ramsay himself. He just wanted to have a place "that you could go to all the time to just relax and enjoy a terrific meal," according to the press release. Now that he's no longer a part of his eponymous restaurant at the London (he sold his stake in 2009), perhaps he's going more mainstream. And what that means is a rustic, semi-industrial new look for the former Farm of Beverly Hills with communal tables (natch), lots of reclaimed wood (of course), custom-designed light fixtures, unpolished metal and vintage hardware accents.

The food is basically elevated comfort food: lobster mac and cheese, a short rib burger, pepper-crusted long rib with fingerling potatoes, meatballs, pizzas from a wood-burning oven, seasonal market salads, big sandwiches and the like. And of course there are classic cocktails and craft brews. At the entrance is the Moo Bar where you can get soft serve and hand-dipped ice cream, milkshakes, ice cream sandwiches and other sweet treats. This, as well as the 1 AM closing time on weekends, sounds like a particularly good idea since the movie theater is right next door.

189 The Grove Drive; 323-965-1020


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