9/04/2012 04:53:00 PM

Does In-N-Out Need a Vegan Burger?

Photo by GoodiesFirst/Flickr
According to LAist, local Angeleno Ari Solomon has started a campaign on Change.org - yes, the same website that helps release political prisoners - to have a vegan burger added to the In-N-Out menu. Solomon left the world of meat a couple years ago but misses his Double Doubles, and he thinks it's time vegetarians have more options than just a grilled cheese. Alas vegans have no options there, as even the buns aren't vegan. His move is also backlash after a corrupt Central Coast beef supplier, which was abusing downer cattle, sold meat to the chain. The company quickly canceled that contract, but continues to serve all-beef patties, always fresh, never frozen.

Our immediate response: Is this really fighting the good fight? While we appreciate your personal choices, vegans, if someone chooses not to eat any animal products, why not just find a delicious option elsewhere? There are so. many. places. What's more, while we understand the philosophy behind it, how not eating meat could be better for one's health and for the earth as a whole, this would't be an easy change. The challenges some In-N-Out locations, especially the tiny ones, would have in trying to keep meat patties from veggie ones while pumping out thousands and thousands of burgers means you'll probably get a meat-tainted burger anyway. And that special sauce isn't vegan, which means they'll have to create a new sauce for you. It's probably easier to replicate at home. Or maybe some vegan chef will take on the challenge themselves? (If someone does, let us know!) We're firm believers that not every restaurant is for everyone. No one's asking Real Food Daily to start serving steak.

So what do you think - vegan In-N-Out or no?


  1. Did you read the comments of why people are signing? You should.


  2. What harm is there is adding one option? There have been tons of articles stating that the vegan in the group is the one who makes the choice for where the group eats, and that is 100% true in my experience. I'd love for in n out to have a vegan burger, that way my vegan friends can join me there and be able to grab something as well. And I don't believe that picking apart someone's petition in this fashion is a good use of your time. You just want to complain about something not worth complaining about. Additionally, veggie burgers are often frozen and have a long shelf life. Mustard and other condiments can be subbed for special sauce. It's simple.

  3. It makes good economic sense! The number of vegans has doubled in the US in less than 3 years. Here are two uplifting videos to help everyone understand why so many people are making this life affirming choice: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKr4HZ7ukSE and http://www.veganvideo.org/.

  4. I think Cru should start selling steak and bootleg foie gras so that carnivores will feel welcome there.

  5. Why must vegans and vegan-philes impose their idealistic lifestyle and philosophies onto people and companies in such subversively oppressive ways time and time again? Last I checked we still live I'm a democracy. I, for one, side with the author on this one.

    1. I completely agree with your response!

  6. Here's why it makes sense to veganize the bun and offer a vegan burger:

    1) Even carnists sometimes seek veg*an options when dining out.
    2) If a group of people is going out for a bite to eat and one or more is veg*an, the place that has a vegan option is the one that gets the business.
    3) It's still possible to get a burger with just ketchup and mustard, isn't it? They don't have to make the sauce vegan as long as one can get ketchup, mustard, lettuce, tomato, and onion (plus maybe a pickle for those who like it) on a burger.

    I don't have a stake in this issue, as I live 3,000 miles away, but there are valid reasons for places to offer vegan options.

  7. You understand why this is different from a vegan restaurant adding meat to cater to omnivores, right? Omnivores can eat everything on a vegan menu. They are already welcome at vegan restaurants. Vegans can eat nothing at In-N-Out -- they are unwelcome at In-N-Out. Three good reasons to do this are 1) INO is a large chain operating largely in areas with a fair number of vegans; 2) out of respect for people who choose to eat ethically; and 3) any business based purely on cheap meat delivery will suffer badly in the coming years as oil prices rise, drought conditions persist, and the economy struggles.

  8. Sorry I go to in n out for a hamburger, if I want veggies I go elsewhere... Not every restaurant has to cater to everyone.

  9. Learn business people. It does not make sense due to In N Out's business model.

    For one, it is NOT profitable to offer vegan products. As if In N Out isn't busy enough.... having a portion of their grill (or cleaning it after ever burger patty) is way too inefficient for their system.

    Secondly, why SHOULD In N Out offer it? Just because vegan are unhappy that a FAST FOOD HAMBURGER restaurant does not offer something they eat? As the author mentioned, SO MANY OTHER CHOICES are available...

    My gosh. Maybe I will tell In N Out to sell pork patties as well since certain Indians will not eat beef. Oh yeah, I'll tell them to offer chicken patties too since some people do not eat red meat.

    Give me a break.