9/14/2012 01:06:00 PM

Coming Soon: Mr. Chow Malibu, Peking Tavern Downtown

Mr. Chow BH
Once Nobu closed at the Malibu Country Mart - and reopened in a new beachside location - Michael Chow announced that he was moving in. Mr. Chow Malibu, designed by Chow himself, will have a black and white color scheme, similar to Beverly Hills, NYC and London, but will have an open kitchen to watch the chefs make hand-pulled noodles and other Beijing specialties the celeb-ridden Chinese restaurant is known for. Look for a winter debut.

In other Chinese dining news, Squid Ink has it that Peking Tavern, a Beijing-inspired gastropub, is coming to 8th and Spring in Downtown LA. Owner Andrew Chiu boasts that the food "will be totally authentic and comparable to, if not better than the best of SGV has to offer." He fellow co-owner and chef have impressive pedigrees: One hails from Hong Kong and specializes in dumpling making, the other is from Tianjin in Northern China. Expect pot-stickers, boiled dumplings, beef rolls and Chinese cocktails. Chiu hopes to open by the end of the year.


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