9/18/2012 11:55:00 AM

Chima Revamps Beer Program, Adds 12 Local Craft Brews

In a testament to Philadelphia’s status as the best beer-drinking city in the nation, this week Chima introduced an entirely new lineup of beer, featuring a dozen craft brews. This is a first for the Brazilian steakhouse chain, which previously offered only a trio of beers from Brazil. But the management team realized a good beer program is essential for a restaurant that wants to be taken seriously in Philly, so they carefully researched and selected 12 new brews, and even brought in drinks consultant Brian Freedman for a special staff training.

Freedman led the crew of the Center City restaurant through a tasting of the new roster, explaining why Victory Hop Devil goes perfectly with the rich meats Chima’s roaming gauchos serve (the spicy hops help cleanse the palate), and how Troegs Dreamweaver Wheat pairs well with bites from the endless salad bar. The wide range of brews stretches from Philadelphia standby Yuengling Lager to unique and hard to find Voodoo Love Child (a cherry-tinged Belgian tripel). Next time you’re in the mood for beer and a steak, this new option might be worth a look (215-525-3233).


  1. Gee, another place with the same old local beer. Not that the beer selections aren't decent - but it doesn't differentiate them in anyway. And at least three of those beers are too big for the average beer drinker!

  2. Love this place, and love these beers! Great addition!!