9/14/2012 01:16:00 PM

Cafe V Opens on South Street

Will the current restaurant boom on South Street West make its way across Broad, linking the newly happening strip with the tourist destination at the far eastern side of the street? Sleek and stylish Cafe V, launched just after Labor day at 1318 South, could be the connector to make it happen. With a full-service kitchen and a strong coffee shop and bakery game, Victoria Picariello’s new 40-seat quick-serve is a gleaming bright spot in a four-block stretch that has remained a perplexing quiet zone (the less-elegant, hookah-purveying Cafe Leila has just shuttered not even a block away). Picariello is a first-time restaurateur, though her husband has run South Philly's Wolf Street Pizza for decades. We stopped in to try the coffee and fresh-baked goods and check out the varied lunch options. Check them out in the slide show that follows.


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