9/04/2012 10:28:00 AM

Best Thing We Ate This Weekend: Butterscotch Bourbon Pie at Magpie

Hopefully, your Labor Day weekend was as full of tasty food as ours. There was one dish, however, that stood out. The signature pie at Magpie, just opened on South Street West, is so good we can almost still taste it. Super sweet butterscotch custard carries a welcome sharp tinge of bourbon flavor in every creamy mouthful, and the texture of the filling is near-perfect: not too mushy, not too stiff. The flaky crust stretches along the bottom in an ultra-thin but sturdy layer, popping up around the side edge to provide a hearty backbone. It’s a crust you’re happy to nibble on after the inside is gone.

The butterscotch bourbon option is actually the simplest offering at the new pie-only cafe. The late summer menu holds three savory options - we ate a whole square of the ham, egg and Gruy√®re-filled croque monsieur pie without even noticing - as well as a trio of fruit pies and four under the “custard” moniker. The homey cupboard arrangements, a cozy seating nook surrounded by patterned wallpaper and a marble counter with stools all make you feel like you’re enjoying a slice of pie in grandma’s kitchen. Assuming your grandmother was as kick-ass a baker as Magpie owner Holly Riccardi.

1622 South St.; 267-519-2904


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