9/24/2012 03:29:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate Last Night: The Tops Classic

We felt the need to honor the first day of Fast Food Week here at Zagat with a gut-buster from Tops. Why Tops? The local home-grown joint, which has been around since the 50s, hovers between fast food and fast casual, and serves ridiculously large portions and better-than-most-fast-food fast food. Plus, it has a drive-thru, which in our book makes it equal to or better than any large chain.

Someone told us we had to have the the Classic, a pastrami burger that's really more pastrami than burger, and zucchini fries. The burger was pretty good as far as meat-on-meat goes, but messy and impossible to eat in a car. And don't even attempt to finish the "small" order of fried zucchini unless you have four people with you - it's an entire box full of golden deliciousness. The price might be higher ($13 or so for that combo and a drink) than the big chains, but the quality is better. And you could easily share - or should. No one wants to be responsible for killing that whole box of fried zucchini alone (you will be tempted).


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