9/07/2012 03:55:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Arturo's Tacos

There's always a taco truck parked on Fair Oaks and Bellevue in Pasadena, and whenever we've driven by there's always a line. The few times we've stopped, we hit ourselves for not remembering that it's there. Arturo's Tacos is one of the best late-night stops in this part of town, if not the only place for food till 3 AM (on weekends). And, no, we won't say why we know how late it's open. The carnitas and el pastor hit the spot, and we're yet to try the lengua, which we overhear a lot of people ordering. Throw as much cilantro, radishes and hot salsa on those bad boys as you want and chow down. You'll thank yourselves in the morning. Er, later that morning.


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