9/05/2012 11:20:00 AM

Baskin Robbins Introduces Ice Cream Nachos

Have you always dreamed of eating your ice cream like a nacho? We didn't think so, but now you can anyway. Baskin-Robbins has just rolled out a new product called Waffle Chip Dippers, which the are promoting with the catchphrase "Think Nachos, Only Cooler." It's a dollop of soft-serve vanilla ice cream that's topped with M&M's and Snickers pieces, and then served with waffle and brownie chips for dippin'. One serving is a mere $2.99 at participating stores - that sounds cheap enough to put the "whaaaa?" factor aside and dive in for a try. After all, NFL season is starting, which is also dip season. Or something. Find participating locations here.


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