9/05/2012 11:00:00 AM

Bar Trend: Do You Care How Far Your Beer Traveled?

We've noticed a trend at a few craft beer bars. While ABV has long been listed on brew lists at these spots to give you an idea how drunk you'll get, a new set of digits is appearing that will let you know how you're impacting the environment. Kent Ale House in Williamsburg and Brickyard Gastropub in Hell's Kitchen are both owned by Patrick Burke, and he wants his patrons to know how far the suds have traveled before they end up in their pint glass. A glance at Brickyard's menu reveals that some NYC-brewed beers come from as little as 2.1 miles away, while others made upstate may journey almost 200 miles before landing at the bar. This ostensibly gives you an idea of your carbon footprint, but it's also just kind of cool.

What do you think - are people using this number to make their choices more local, or is it just a fun talking point to mull over while you get tipsy?


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