8/28/2012 05:30:00 PM

“What Was I Thinking?” 10 Chefs Reveal Their Greatest Flops

Blood sausage: delicious or disgusting?
Chefs are not perfect. As much as we idealize the men and women who put flawless food on our plates, they make mistakes too. Not mistakes like leaving their keys in their doors or forgetting to buy milk - although we’re sure they do that too - we're talking mistakes of the more flavorful variety.

These missteps helped craft their culinary minds, proving that they were not afraid to try something new, experiment with a strange ingredients and invest in odd technology using even odder techniques. Sometimes the risks pay off, and other times they flop. We asked some top chefs “What were you thinking?” and rounded up some of these edible failures. You'll get a good laugh when you page through the below slideshow, and you may even learn a thing or two.


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  2. Fun article ... wish I'd had a chance at trying that Foie Gras dessert!