8/28/2012 10:19:00 AM

Watch And Try To Explain The Teaser For Next Kyoto

First course: cigarette smoke filled vapor pillows. Second course: magic trick that mysteriously depletes all the money from our wallet.

According to this teaser video, this is what diners can expect from the Kyoto menu at Next (which debuts on the 15th and runs through the end of the year) or a drag race down Fulton Market. However, we know chefs Grant Achatz and Dave Brenan have something a bit tastier up their sleeves. This is sure to be the first of several (hopefully less ambiguous) teasers leading up to the new menu.

This initial video depicts a leather-clad Japanese man attempting to woo a woman in a white dress - she is not impressed. The silent film is interjected with Japanese text above English subtitles regarding a dream about knowing the business of all the “extraordinary people.” We really wish we could explain it to you, but your guess is as good as ours. Check out the video and if you have some explanation, please leave it in the comments.


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