8/15/2012 03:10:00 PM

Trend Alert: Chicago Restaurants as Photo Galleries

Objects d'Art at Maison
What's with all the pretty pictures we've seen hanging in restaurants lately? It's no surprise that some dining rooms have felt more like the AIC - it turns out that Jeff Kauck has been collaborating with local chefs and owners to hook them up with some cool artwork.

Kauck is a James-Beard nominated photographer (that nom was for his work on the Spiaggia Cookbook) , but he shoots a lot more than food. Those pics in the dining room of Maison were from his recent trip to France, which is good since we doubt pretty pictures of mason jars filled with fruits would really be a fit here. He's also got installations at Autre Monde, Eggy's, Bar Toma and Purple Pig - they are food related when it fits but a variety of subjects or covered.

We've heard of gallery hopping, and we're now proposing the restaurant version of this. It sounds especially fun because we can knock back a few drinks at each stop!


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