8/03/2012 07:00:00 PM

This Week's Top Restaurant and Food News

Noma - Copenhagen, Denmark
Our guide to the toughest tables in the world was the most popular story of the week with its in-depth look at scoring rezzies at 12 exclusive eateries. Following that, our guide to 7 hot new Italian eateries in NYC came in second and our list of Bay Area dining destinations worth traveling for came in third. In case you missed any of these, check out the most popular posts of the week below. Happy weekend!
  1. The Toughest Tables in the World: 12 Near-Impossible Rezzies
  2. 7 New Italian Restaurants to Try Right Now in NYC
  3. 5 Bay Area Dining Destinations Worth Traveling For
  4. The 8 Best Restaurants in the West Village
  5. Chicago's 5 Best Sushi Restaurants
  6. 9 Fried Chicken Sandwiches You'd Rather Be Eating Anyway
  7. New York's 9 Funniest Restaurant Names
  8. Boston's 5 Best Japanese Restaurants
  9. The Funniest Restaurant Names in 7 Cities
  10. 11 Funniest Restaurant Names in Philadelphia


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