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The Week in Gordon Ramsay: Hotel Hell, Gordon Behind Bars and More

This summer is set to be the bloody rawest TV season ever, with Gordon Ramsay mainstays Hell's Kitchen and MasterChef each running twice a week and a new Gordo show, Hotel Hell. Each week we’ll recap all the chef's most outlandish moments, from plates thrown across the room to spittle and insults flying right into each contestant's eyes.

Is Gordon Ramsay Macbeth or Lady Macbeth? 

That is the question Mario Batali seemed to pose during a recent episode of Eric Ripert’s YouTube show On the Table, during which Batali speculated that Gordo’s on-screen personality is a work of Shakespearean fiction.

“He's just playing a role. He's a TV guy. He's like playing the bad guy in Macbeth. That's just the role he's got. I don't think he's like that honestly,” Batali said.

But Ramsay sees himself differently. Speaking with the National Post’s Ben Kaplan, Ramsay said his television success is derived from a knack for behaving like himself when the film is rolling.

“I think that perhaps this is what people like watching. Even today, whether the cameras are on or off I am always the same,” he said.

While he may not be Shakespeare’s champion of regicide, Ramsay does command security fit for a king. His television production company employed a Fortress brand metal detector while shooting his British show Gordon Behind Bars. “What was it for?” You ask. “Obviously it wasn’t to scan the cakes for shivs like they do in cartoons.”

Let’s let the metal detector company explain, via press release:

“Fortress Technology’s metal detector was supplied to TV production company One Potato, Two Potato, in order to check cakes coming out of what has been dubbed the ‘Bad Boy Bakery’ to ensure their compliance to food hygiene and safety standards before being sold outside of the prison.”

In other words, yeah, the cakes had to get checked for shivs. Thus proving that Gordon Behind Bars is Ramsay’s most badass show to date.

But Hotel Hell isn’t far behind. For starters, Rambo showed up to this week’s location with his clothes packed like illicit merchandise, in a stainless steel suitcase.

And sure enough, the episode, which took place at the Cambridge Hotel in Cambridge, NY, exposed the dark underbelly of hospitality.

Hotel management neglected to lock the front door at night; there was a creepy mannequin left near an upstairs window to give that “haunted” feeling and Ramsay may have even survived a hit attempt.

“If Gordon calls me lazy one more time … he might be going back to Britain in a body bag,” a cook said during the show. Alas, the promised fisticuffs never produced.

As the show was coming to an end, Ramsay, having given the hotel a $75,000 redecoration and a new menu chock full o’ delectable food, seemed full of hope.

“No longer R.I.P. It has a bright future. Long live the Cambridge, right?” He said.

Moments later we were informed that not long after Ramsay left, the hotel was foreclosed on and shuttered.

It seems Ramsay’s shows are always full of twists. For instance, on Hell’s Kitchen this week, it looked like contestant Barbie Marshal was done for when Ramsay took a pan of her risotto (the third consecutive one she had screwed up), flipped it over and declared, “It’s an insult to Italy.”

But given the choice between Marshall and the show’s consistently sloppy Clemenza Caserta — whose Italian heritage, we were continually reminded, should have given him an edge during this week’s “Italian night” — Ramsay eliminated the latter.

Similarly, on MasterChef, contestant Josh Marks seemed doomed twice: once when he dissed Jay-Z. Judge Graham Elliot showed Marks a dish of Alaskan king crab with vanilla creme fraiche pomegranate and celery gelee that he served the rapper, and Marks expressed surprise that the rapper had “frou frou” taste. The second time came when Marks attempted to “improve” upon a dish that Elliot served President Barack Obama, by adding mango.

But neither faux pas proved bad enough to send Marks packing, as the judges ultimately deemed contestant Monti Carlo the episode’s worst. Ramsay sent her home to dine with Danger.


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