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The Week in Gordon Ramsay: Gordo in the Shower; Ranking the Final Six on MasterChef

This summer is set to be the bloody rawest TV season ever, with Gordon Ramsay mainstays Hell's Kitchen and MasterChef each running twice a week and an upcoming new Gordo show, Hotel Hell. Each week we’ll recap all the chef's most outlandish moments, from plates thrown across the room to spittle and insults flying right into each contestant's eyes.

Was anyone else disappointed Gordon Ramsay wasn’t part of the Olympics opening ceremony?

They had Rowan Atkinson’s Mr. Bean playing the keyboard; they might as well have had the Mr. Bean of cooking there as well. I’m still holding out that he’ll make a surprise appearance at the closing ceremony, perhaps filleting Wenlock.

The ceremony wasn’t the only Olympic snub Rambo suffered this week. Faced with swimming head-to-head against NBC’s prime time coverage of the Olympics, Fox aired reruns of both Hell’s Kitchen and MasterChef.
But even without new shows, Ramsay is always exposed…sometimes literally. Promoting his upcoming show Hotel Hell in an interview with Britain's  The Sun, Ramsay said he regrets shooting a naked shower scene.

Let me repeat: Gordon Ramsay regrets filming a NAKED SHOWER SCENE for his new show.

Not turned off yet? How about this: Ramsay was traumatized by all the stains he found on a duvet cover in one particular hotel’s honeymoon suite.

“The most horrifying thing across the board was the fricking honeymoon suite. It was like a bloody house of horror, I swear to God,” Ramsay told The Sun. “I just didn’t think it could shoot that far — I’m talking about if you shake a can of Coke and open it.”

In a moment of socioeconomic profundity, Ramsay’s hotel-based show produced “horrifying” stories, while his prison-based show gave us uplifting news. The Braiser reports that three of the inmates trained by Ramsay for his British show Gordon Behind Bars landed gigs at fine dining restaurants upon their release. One works at Roast, while two others were offered gigs at Ramsay’s Savoy

Although the former prisoners seem to have gotten a lot from the cooking education Ramsay provided, hopefully he left finance out of it. In the latest sign that Ramsay’s business empire is cracking, caterer Lyndy Redding told trade publication Caterer and Hotelkeeper that her company Absolute Taste no longer partners with Gordon Ramsay Holdings.

Even worse, the charity behind Ramsay’s Seriously Good sauces (think Newman’s Own, but with Gordo on the label) copped to losing £1 million in donations since its launch in 2009.

So Ramsay’s been having a tough time in both business and charity, what if his shows start flopping, too? Well, if he decides to switch careers, there’s a police chief’s job in Duluth, MN, with his name written all over it.

While that’s obviously the perfect third career for Gordo (the first two are "football career" aka soccer and food/television), MasterChef will be the launching pad for one contestant’s second career.

The show is down to its final six contestants and although any of the remaining competitors could come out on top, there are definitely a couple of favorites and a couple of major underdogs.

6 –  David Martinez: Martinez regularly gets trashed by his competitors, who don’t believe he belongs; he’s been called a " rhinoceros" by Ramsay and his food was recently called "disgusting" by judge Joe Bastianich. It’s going to take a miracle and some big-time meltdowns by other contestants for Martinez to walk away with the MasterChef trophy.

5 –  Josh Marks: In the last month, Marks was eliminated after producing unsatisfactory egg dishes for the judges, won two weeks later during a “second chance” episode for eliminated contestants and then was nearly kicked off the next week when he grossed the judges out with his Corn crème brûlée. Like crappy eggs, Marks lacks consistency.

4 –  Christine Ha: From the outset, the blind graduate student and blogger was a favorite. She won three consecutive challenges early on and was able to coast through much of the season with few bumps in the road. But she finished towards the bottom in two of her last four elimination challenges (weeks 11 and 13) and will need to match some seemingly unflappable competition to win.

3 –  Monti Carlo: Carlo’s son is named Danger (for real), but that’s the one thing she’s never really experienced on MasterChef. Although her fellow contestants don’t seem to think much of her (one complained that she memorizes recipes), Carlo has never been among the show’s bottom three.

2 – Becky Reams: This food photographer has made more than her fair share of picture-quality cuisine. Reams set a record last week when she was among the top cooks in the Mystery Box Challenge for the fifth time this season, but she’s had her fair share of hiccups, too. She has twice finished near the bottom in elimination challenges and her fellow contestants don’t seem too enamored with her personality, which could be a strategic problem in this final group.

1 – Frank Mirando: Mirando is the obvious favorite and has been for much of the season. In the last four episodes on which he’s cooked, he’s won two elimination challenges, been on the winning team for one and gotten immunity for another. It’s been nine episodes since Mirando has even been in the bottom three of a competition.

Prediction: The winner of MasterChef gets, among other things, a cookbook deal. How can the show’s producers turn down the chance to make Dinner with Danger, a family-friendly cookbook by Monti Carlo.


  1. ...Gordon is from Scotland, not England...

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