8/24/2012 01:30:00 PM

The Cedd Moses Whiskey Train: Seven Grand San Diego Now Open

Here's how Cedd Moses debuts his first bar outside of LA, a new Seven Grand in the North Park neighborhood in San Diego: rent a restored 1956 train car, fill it with barkeeps and friends from the 213 Nightlife empire, make sure there's plenty of whiskey, add a bluegrass band and head south. Once you get there, throw an opening party with streetside barbecue, more whiskey and live music. And then watch the locals take to their new favorite spot.

We just happened to be on the Seven Grand Whiskey Train and checked out the new digs, which bares a striking resemblance to the Downtown LA spot with its jackalope heads on the walls, animal lamps, woodsy wallpaper and perfectly lit chandeliers. But it seems a bit larger, with two rooms, one has a small stage for entertainment, and a lot more beers on tap since SD is a huge brew town. The whiskey (and whisky) list is the same, and there are plenty of cocktails, like a classic snowballin' mint julep. When we asked why San Diego, Moses simply said the opportunity presented itself. Does he plan on duplicating more concepts? Yes. We already know there's a Seven Grand and Cole's planned for LAX, but he says he hopes to expand Cole's around and outside of LA, as well.

There are some notable cocktail bars in San Diego - Noble Experiment comes to mind - and Seven Grand (3054 University Ave.) fits right in. Just in time for whiskey sour day (Saturday, Aug. 25). Check out our boozy slide show of the day down south.


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