8/20/2012 09:20:00 AM

The Best Thing We Ate This Weekend: Pork Sandwich at Tremont

When the server at the West Village restaurant Tremont plopped the pork sandwich down in front of us, he issued a warning: "It's pretty difficult to eat, the best strategy is to just go for it." And go for it we did, biting into the heaping serving of pig and bursting the egg that was so delicately placed on top of the sandwich. As yolk ran down our fingers we greedily took another bite - yes, it was a sloppy disaster, but this was one awesome mess.

Brunch can be a hard meal, if only because everyone serves the same old stuff. Eggs Benedict, again? We appreciated some of the options at this brightly-lit American eatery because they strayed from the norm. The sandwich was different than typical fare and it also stood out from other pulled pork offerings around town, ditching a slathering of barbecue sauce in favor of a nice blend of spice and the aforementioned egg. While other options on the menu were served with a side of fries, this one stuck with the greens. Good - otherwise it would have just been too much, though we did appreciate the side of napkins that the server placed alongside the plate.


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