8/02/2012 09:14:00 AM

The Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Duck Leg Confit with Foie and Cabbage Essence at Hospoda

We finally made it up to the much-buzzed-about Hospoda last night, the Eastern European-inspired small plates beer den on the UES. It's rare that we eat out much in this 'hood but rumors of solid food and an incredible European beer selection were enough to lure us up to E. 73rd Street. Among a variety of dishes we tried, our favorite was definitely the confit of duck leg with foie gras and red cabbage essence. Indulgent - yes, but the balance of flavors kept the dish from tasting uber-fatty. The insane richness of the confit duck and the foie was well-countered by the sharpness of the red cabbage. Plus it paired perfectly with just about all of the Czech brews that we sampled. Hospoda is located at 321 E. 73rd Street.


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