8/02/2012 06:55:00 PM

Tasty Events: Sardinian Dinner, Boston Cookbook Party on Tap

Vittorio Ettore of A Tavola
Through the month of August, A Tavola, a delightful Italian in Winchester, focuses on the cuisine of Sardinia for a special three-course menu. Dishes include Malloreddus - small gnocchi made of semolina, and Sebadas - a sweet cheese ravioli for dessert. The special menu is part of a Taste of Italy series. The Sardinia menu is offered at dinner through August 18, and for Saturday lunch throughout the month ($49 per person, plus an a la carte offering of each dish. 781-729-1040).

On August 7, Leigh and Margaret Belanger, author and photographer, respectively, of Boston Homegrown Cookbook, will be at Erbaluce for a signing party featuring passed hors d’oeuvres by chef-owner Charles Draghi (6-8 PM; $50 includes the party and a signed copy of the book; 617-426-6969).


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